Crumbling Wall

Crumbling Wall

Computer Manipulated Photograph. 12″ x 18”

There is something magical about entropy. It surrounds us, from the weeds springing up in sidewalk cracks to dead leaves on the forest floor. This wall, located in Albuquerque, is a well-worn and battered reminder that all things decompose, even the works of man. Despite that, it still serves the function of “wall” and provides a stark reminder of our steadfastness in the face of difficulty and challenge.

Nature’s Seduction


Computer Manipulated Photograph. 16″ x 20”

Nature provides the most amazing imagery. Man cannot replicate the complexity and beauty inherent in natural settings. We can only observe. This image intentionally focuses not on the foreground, but on the middle ground, to provide a sense of depth. The inverted colors of the image make the scene somewhat surreal, but in a way that adds serenity to the composition.

Grasp the Thorn


Manipulated Photo on Aluminum. 18” x 24”

Roses are some of the most cherished flowers. It only takes a moment to be stabbed by a rose thorn to remind you that, with great beauty, comes the defense that protects the rose in nature. This photo slightly abstracts an individual rose, forcing the viewer to step back slightly.

Juxtaposition 01


Computer Manipulated Photo on Aluminum. 24” x 24”

Intentionally mismatched images collide to provide the observer with different focal points. What do you see in the image? The aluminum print process provides a thin edge that defies the depth of the imagery.